Kalde PPRc Turkey

Kalde is one of the leading pipes and fittings manufacturing company with over 30 years experience in designing and innovating highest quality products and integrated solutions for customers globally.

The company is located in Istanbul, Turkey where the two continents, Asia and Europe meet. Their strategic location to Europe, Asia and Africa gives a unique advantage to serve business partners and clients with reliable supply chain capabilities and take a powerful position in the global competition. KALDE exports products all around the world successfully.

Kalde has 40.000 square meters production area, the largest PPR production facility in the world, including design, product development and quality control facilities. It manufactures a broad line of products which covers PP pipes, PP fittings, multi-layer systems with screw and press fittings, PE-X pipes, Euroconic fittings and manifolds. They also have international accredited certifications from the respectable master institutes. And also, the management quality is certified by ISO.

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