Air Vent Brass TLV Japan

  • Brand: TLV Japan
  • Product Code: VC2
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• Max. Operating Pressure: 0.5 MPaG
• Min. Operating Pressure: 0.05 MPaG
• Max. Operating Temperature: 90°C
• Body: Air Vent Brass TLV Japan

Features of Air Vent Brass TLV Japan

Float-Type mechanical valve for venting air automatically from water piping systems at start-up and during operation for moderate to hot water.

1. Combination of float and valve seat with rubber contact provides automatic discharge and assures seal tightness when vent is closed.

2. Only one moving part, the float, eliminates concentrated wear and provides long maintenance-free service life.

3. Facilitates drainage of the system by introducing air

4. Withstands super-heat and water-hammer.

5. Easy to maintain and easy to clean.

6. Hardened stainless steel valve seat.

7. Tight shut-off.


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